All Suzuki Students are required to participate in a weekly (Thursday Evening) Group Class in addition to weekly private lessons.


4 - 5 y.o. 
Thursdays 5:30 - 6:15
5 - 6 y.o. Thursdays 6:15 - 7pm
Cambridge, MA

Book 1

Thursdays 5:30 - 6:15
For returning & transfer students

BOOK 2 - 4

Thursdays 6:15 - 7pm
For returning & transfer students

Private Lesson and Group Class

Suzuki students participate in weekly Private Lessons and Group Classes as part of the standard curriculum. Parents attend both, take notes, participate, and practice daily with their child.

Private Lessons are scheduled by appointment. Your teacher will recommend what length of lesson is appropriate for your level, but as a general guide:

Lesson Days
Monday - Friday 3 - 7pm

Beginners : 30 minutes
Intermediate : 45 minutes
Advanced : 60 minutes

Adult Beginners: Ms. Breana can customize a curriculum for your personal learning preferences and style, for instance: fiddle music!


Level : Book 3+
Sight Reading, Duets and Advanced Violin Technique
Thursday Evenings

*Recommendation of Private Teacher Required