Over the years, I have drawn outside inspiration to play from... 4 primary sources. 

  1. New Songs : Nothing is sweeter than when you get to the level of a piece of music you've been admiring. The Brahms Violin Concerto was my great aspiration; the one I'd quite after learning. The irony of course is that I've since studied it 3 times! Create this for your child by building a library of great violin recordings and listen to them regularly.
  2. Performances : Seeing a great performance gives me adrenaline. I heard Johnny Gadelsman perform all six of Bach's Solo Sonatas and Partitas last night. It took me several hours to come down from my high and I'm fully stoked to practice today! Sign up for local email newsletters of your symphony, chamber music society, even local music schools. Commit to one concert per month to see maximum effect.
  3. Playing with Friends : Duets, Quartets, Orchestras... harmony; both literally in terms of pitches and metaphorically, being around people who share your love of music. Join a Suzuki group class, make dates to play duets with friends, find out about auditions in spring for fall youth orchestra programs, GO TO CAMP! or a weekend Suzuki Festival.
  4. Poetry