Should my child learn violin?

The more important question is, how do I show my child that their music education is a personal priority to me? Getting a head-start on nurturing their ability to hear and build physical skills is key at 4 - 6 years. Changing instruments later isn't out of the question, but starting late will slow their abilities in the long run.

Don't Want to Practice?

Many families are concerned that they won't have the time to commit to practicing, or their child will complain and rebel. Years of experience have made Ms. Breana an expert in guiding you through these perfectly natural challenges. 
Beginners practice 20 - 30 minutes 5 days a week. You'll learn incentives, transitions and goal setting while treasuring some one on one time with your child.

Teens Pick Their Interests

Noticing the large number of pre-teens transferring teachers because they "didn't want to practice," Ms. Bauman has made a special study of how to create intrinsic motivation in these talented, but frustrated, young people with great success. Soliciting them for their interests, she chooses repertoire to build their technical skills, sight-reading, leadership, and interpretive style.