Recital FAQ's


What is a recital?
A recital is when we come together with other students, family and friends to celebrate our achievements and perform or listen to beautiful music. It is not an event to showcase the newest things we have learned, but rather our mastery of a piece of music, played beautifully and with confidence.

Where and what time?
Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to the official start of any performance. This allows time to unpack, tune instruments, find seating, walk-through the performance (where to stand on stage, where to point your scroll, and taking a bow).
Check the Calendar page of our website for details about location and timing.

Why do we perform "old" songs on recitals?
Performances include distractions, nervous feelings, and internalized pressure to play perfectly. Sometimes a surprise noise or event will mess us up and we won't enjoy ourselves. With all of these components, it’s helpful to have the piece of music we are playing be secure. Mastering a review piece means we can focus on other things, like our breathing, the pianist, or be distracted - yet still play with a high standard of excellence. If this is our regular experience with performances, stage fright doesn’t have a chance to develop and confidence can grow.

How do you know when your piece is ready?

  1. When you can play it three times in a row without forgetting any of the musical ideas, notes or bowings.

  2. When you can play it and answer simple questions without messing up or losing your place.

  3. When you can play it with your eyes closed.

Do I rehearse with a pianist?
Yes, you can choose a time from the available spots offered by your teacher. These are negotiated at a lower rate from our accompanist. If you cannot make the times available, you will need to contact the accompanist and schedule with and pay them directly.

Do we have lessons the day / week after a recital?
Sometimes. Check your Google Calendar and/or email your teacher.

What should I wear?
Something formal that allows for freedom of movement and doesn't block the violin placement on your shoulder.

Who is coming? Can I invite friends and family?
Immediate family and grandparents are welcome. Space is limited, so please consider the needs of other families when inviting close friends.

How many recitals happen each school year?
Solo Recitals: Winter in December and Spring in May.
Graduation Recitals: October and March
Group Performances: January and May

What if we're going to be away?
Please let your teacher know ASAP. It's possible you can perform on another recital (i.e. Winter --> graduation, but without "graduating.")

Are recitals included in tuition?
Yes. If you miss for any reason, this is non-refundable.